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She's nothing like the other counselors I've seen...

I’d been to counseling in a few other instances in the past for help with my issues. In the past councillors had provided me with little more than a pat on the back, assuring me things will be fine and sending me off with no further follow up. Luna has been different. Not only has she helped console me in my difficulties, but I feel that she has gone out of her way to connect with and help me. Speaking with her I feel encouraged in my ability to deal with my issues, not only because she has understood my troubles but also that she has equipped me with mental tools for addressing my issues in ways that have not made me feel as overwhelmed. She’s explained everything, ensured that we both understand each other. She is very positive and has helped me feel optimistic about my circumstances and my ability to work through my problems with her support.

Chelsea S.


"Seeing Luna every week has been incredibly helpful for me. She has provided me with a lot of valuable strategies to deal with anxiety and to identify and work through the problematic ways of thinking I often fall into. We have worked on a lot during the relatively short time that I have seen her, and her insight and support has been so meaningful and valuable to me."


In just a short time, she's made such an impact on me...

Jane  R.

Image by Michael Mims

Working Mom of Two

Image by Shipman Northcutt

I didn't know how much I needed the help - and how much better I could feel - until I started with Luna...

"I was so stressed out from work that I could barely sleep, and when I did, I was having nightmares. I was constantly anxious and started experiencing panic attacks which only made things worse, especially my relationship with my daughter. Luna helped me uncover these doubts of feeling like a fraud and that I wasn't good enough as a business leader or a dad. Since I started working with Luna, I've learned how to prioritize my mental well-being to be more effective in my job and most importantly, be present with my kids at home."

David L.

Marketing Executive


I can't imagine not having been able to work with Luna...

"Ever since I started counseling with Luna, I have come a more confident, patient, and calmer person. I am so grateful for the connection I have with Luna."

Ashley C.

Image by Marivi Pazos

Design Student

Now, it's your turn...

See how SACH an help you take control.

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