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The SACH Course

Ready to take control of you life?

This 5-week course will get you on your way.

Luna recommends a course of 5 sessions to see tangible results, so she developed the SACH course to create and foster change for her clients. The course includes dedicated time with Luna along with worksheets, exercises, and readings to ensure key concepts and skills are fully understood.


While customized to individual needs, this course covers 5 important topics: 

Topic 1: Relax, You Are Here.

We will review where you are in life and where you want to go. In doing so, we will address several key questions: What are the presenting concerns? What behaviors would you like to stop/continue doing? What thoughts/emotions are in charge of your daily life right now?

  • Skills Practiced: grounding, mindfulness


Topic 2: Acceptance 

Before you can begin to successfully manage the changes in your life, you need to first accept where you currently are in the process. Of course, we all have aspects of ourselves and our lives we’d like to change, but true positive change starts from learning to see and accept what already is, setting a framework for our future.

  • Skills Practiced: Self-Compassion


Topic 3: Reconnecting With Your Authentic Self / Understanding Core Values


  • Skills Practiced: 


Topic 4: Creating a Vision

Creating a vision for your full, meaningful and intentional life.

  • Skills Practiced: Focused Intention, Gratitude

Topic 5: Keep Going!

There is a science behind becoming and staying motivated. We'll explore why we fail and how to trick your brain to keep going with the positive change you are creating. 


  • Skills Practiced: Healthy Routines, Motivation Management

Looking for a more personalized approach?

Individual sessions are available.

My goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment to work through your challenges and goals. While the SACh program is suitable for all clients and concerns, Luna also offers 1-on-1 sessions tailored to your individual needs so that you'll walk away with effective, practical strategies for managing change.

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