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What is SACH? 

Secret Agent of Change, or SACH for short, is a framework for navigating change and creating a roadmap for a future that leads to a rich and meaningful life. From adopting new lifestyle choices or dealing with challenging events, to managing changes in your relationships or yourself, this methodology will help you better understand who you are and how you can take charge of the way you live.

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What Is SACH?
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I can't imagine not having been able to work with Luna...

"Ever sense I started seeing Luna, I have become a more confident, patient and calmer person. I am so grateful for the connection I have with Luna."

Ashley C.

Web Design Student

Don't Let Change Control You

The answer to coping with the incredible change and stress of modern living is not speeding up, becoming more efficient, or distracting ourselves from the demands of daily life. To the contrary, the real answer is simply learning to slow down, to be present in this very moment, accepting who we are, where we are and what we are feeling. Whether those feelings are good or bad, coming from the inside or the outside, we must be willing to find presence in this moment, to face the changes happening within or around us right here, right now.


Once we are fully present, our eyes will finally open and we can stop trying so hard to be this illusionary "perfect" person that we decided we had to be. Rather than always thinking about what's behind or in front of us, we need to examine where we are right now. Only when we are truly planted in the present moment can we start managing change in our lives.

In today's world where the pace of life is seemingly accelerating every day, change can seem overwhelming. Sometimes we feel like we are on top of things, and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we feel like we are trying to run after the train that’s just about to leave the station. Even during moments of "relaxation,” we still find ourselves trying to be efficient; to see as many places as possible, rush our plans so we can return to daily life, attempt to cram a year’s worth of rest and recuperation into a week-long holiday.


This ever-changing life places greater and greater demands upon us, making us feel that we must always be “on” to meet them.​

Most of us think the answer to coping with change is speeding up the way we do things, becoming more efficient and more productive. We think we just need to get ourselves together and check more items off the never-ending To Do list to keep pace with this constant stream of demands and obligations. At the same time, many of us feel that despite our best efforts, things just don’t add up. Our inability to cope with everyday demands takes its toll and it feels like the walls crumble down around us.


We start to look for external answers to distract or numb this uneasy feeling that we’re just not enough.

Image by Aaron Burden
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